Flo's Happy Tail

When Steve and Chandra Kendall adopted Carly Blue on February 1st, 2013, they had not been looking for another pet. They were already the proud parents of two fur-babies, Samantha and Ms. Kitty. Samantha, a ten year old black lab, was adopted by Steve after she had been brought to the Humane Society because her former owners could no longer properly care for her. And Ms. Kitty, now eleven years old, was a sweet stray kitty who wandered her way into their hearts. Steve and Chandra were content with the family they had, but fate had different plans.

Before she was adopted by the Kendall’s, Carly Blue was known at HSSCG as Flo. Brought to the Humane Society by the HART foundation, Flo was only about five months old when she arrived. She was shy and withdrawn, very unsure of the people and her new surroundings. The staff had hoped her shyness would dissipate once she became comfortable in her new surroundings. As time passed and volunteers spent time working with, socializing, and loving Flo she appeared to be doing much better. Flo loved to play in the playpens with other dogs, and would light up when she saw the volunteers. However, when potential adopters came to visit with Flo she would shy away from them, unsure of these new people. It seemed her love and trust was something to be earned.

In October of 2012 Chandra was browsing Facebook when she decided to “like” the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia’s page. It was then that she saw her very first picture of Flo and was drawn to her “sweet face.” Over the months that followed she noticed that pictures would change as animals were adopted and new ones came in, but Flo’s was always there.

It was January of 2013 when the Kendall’s met Flo for the first time. Steve wanted to visit the new HSSCG facility so he and Chandra came for a tour and to spend time with some of the animals. During this first trip they were spending time with a cute little dog named Sebastian when they saw Flo. Chandra remembers “how shy she was and how sad she seemed. When we were looking at Flo a volunteer came up to talk to us and that was when we found out how long she had been at the Humane Society.” After talking further with the volunteer they found out Flo had been adopted and returned to the Humane Society twice. Both times after having her in the home for only a couple of days and both times because she was “too shy.”

On January 31st, 2013 the Humane Society held their annual Have a Humane Heart event which the Kendall’s attended. Neither of them had been able to stop thinking about Flo and requested to visit with her the night of the event. During this second visit Steve and Chandra knew what they wanted to do. They made plans to come in the next day to finalize the adoption of Flo and take her home.

Right off the bat they knew Carly was special. After the first week she was recognizing her name, knew commands, is incredibly smart, and already housebroken! Carly immediately took to their other dog, Samantha. She has continued to be shy by nature and unsure of new things so the Kendall’s are making a conscious effort to expose her to new people, environmental noises, and things she may not be used to seeing on a regular basis. Part of this effort has been to send Carly Blue to doggie daycare twice a week. “We thought it would be a good way to socialize Carly. Also, Carly loves other dogs and wants to play and Samantha doesn’t always want to so this gives her a great opportunity to play!” After her first day at Paws at Play located on St. Simons Island they were already noticing a difference in her demeanor. “When she first came home we gave her a dog bed and she doesn’t usually venture too far from it. After doggie day care she was much more adventurous and sniffing all around the house!”

The Kendalls couldn’t be happier with their adoption of Carly Blue from the Humane Society. They love her so much and are so glad they have been able to provide her with the opportunity she needed. Through their experience with adoption through HSSCG, Chandra and Steve have been greatly impressed by the volunteers. They dedicate so much time to the animals and so much time to Carly Blue, their love and care is evident. With their efforts we now have another Happy Tail success!

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