Due to our small store size and resale store regulations, we are limited on items we can take to sell. To help you pick out the perfect gently used items you might like to donate to The Big Flea, we're providing you with the following lists.

Email: theflea@hsscg.org
Phone: 912-264-6246 ext. 8 

Belowe are items we will be able to take:

  • home decor

  • kitchen goods

  • artwork, frames

  • jewelry and accessories 

  • furniture (not oversized)

  • bedspreads, table cloths, curtains

  • decorative pillows

  • books

  • decorative flower pots

  • garden accessories

  • pet goods


Items we will not be able to accept:

  • mattresses

  • sheets, pillow cases, bed pillows

  • bed frames (too big)

  • no baby equipment

  • outdated electronics

  • cassettes, records, DVDs, CDs

  • lawn care and lawn tools

  • exercise equipment

  • old garden pots

  • games and puzzles except brand new, unopened boxes

Thank you for your support. We can't do it without you!


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