Foster Program

The Foster Program at the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia has been created in an effort to provide the best care possible for the pets that come to us and to help prepare them for adoption. Foster Families have become an integral part of our system. They provide an invaluable service to the pets which we would not be able to provide without their help.

There are several different types of and reasons for foster care:

Weaning/Bottle Feeding. Occasionally we receive individual or litters of puppies and kittens who have been removed from their mother at a young age. Because they are so young and often require bottle feeding they require around the clock care which we are unable to provide here at the facility. Foster parents are able to provide this service to these animals as well as to us by caring for them until they are able to be put up for adoption.

Too Young. Many times puppies and kittens which are brought to us are not yet old enough or big enough to be spayed, neutered, or vaccinated (which we require before we can make them available for adoption). Instead of staying here at the facility, we prefer these pets wait in a foster home until they are old enough. This young age for them is vital when it comes to socialization. Being in a foster home during this time not only provides them with love, but also with the stimulation and socialization of being around people, animals, and other environmental factors.

Behavioral. When we receive shy, skittish pets, it can sometimes be difficult to get them adopted. If a cat or dog has not been successfully socialized or has perhaps been previously mistreated they may find solace in the back of their cage and retreat when potential adopters approach them. More often than not the potential adopter will just move on to the next pet. Spending time in a home can be beneficial in helping to rehabilitate these animals and also by helping us to better understand their personality and condition.

Medical. We don’t always know the medical background or condition of a pet when they arrive here at the Humane Society. On rare occasions medical treatment or a surgical procedure may need to be performed to help prepare the pet for adoption. In these cases it is beneficial for these pets to reside in a foster residence so they can receive constant supervision and care during their recovery.

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If you are interested in becoming a Foster Parent please contact Bonnie through

There is an application process and it is important that we match each foster need to an appropriate environment.