Rehoming Pets

Q. Can I surrender my pet to HSSCG?

Our intake protocol at Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia:
Please call us at (912) 264-6246 x 110 to inquire about surrendering your animal. During a scheduled intake appointment we do a thorough health and temperament assessment.

The surrendering person completes an intake form at our center upon evaluation of the dog or cat.  We ask for an owner surrender fee, minimum of $35. Please bring any food, bedding or toys that will help the dog or cat feel comfortable in its new environment.

For strays, we ask for a donation to help offset the cost of caring for the animal. We appreciate all of the support we receive! Often, we are at full capacity and cannot accept animals.

Q. If I take an animal (cat/dog) to HSSCG, what should I take; and what information will I need to provide?

A. Please provide as much of the following:
Contact information including phone numbers, e-mail address, and a physical address
Detailed pet descriptions to help us find them the appropriate home/the perfect match
Any medical records, rabies tags and certificates, microchip information, breeder papers
Any toys, food, treats, beds, etc.
A surrender fee for owner surrender ($35 at HSSCG) and/or donations would be much appreciated