Become a Volunteer


“Volunteers are unpaid. Not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!”



Thank you for your interest in volunteering at HSSCG. Volunteers make such a difference in preparing our animals for their new family and forever home. We appreciate the time, patience and dedication our volunteers give to our animals.

The mission of our volunteer program is to enrich the lives of the animals in our care that are waiting for permanent homes. Mostly, we need volunteers who are able to exercise and socialize our dogs and cats on a daily basis. Also, we may occasionally ask volunteers to help us in other areas, such as cleaning, offsite events, office help, yard work, etc…depending on their abilities and desire to assist in areas with less direct animal interaction.  We love volunteers who love people, too!

Volunteers can serve daily throughout the week. Even though we are closed to the public on Sundays and Mondays, volunteers are encouraged to come out and socialize our animals on those days as well as any other day of the week.  We welcome volunteers 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


FLETC students/staff that will be here at least a month or more are invited to volunteer at HSSCG. You will need to fill out an application and go through a brief orientation covering our policies and procedures. Please email the volunteer coordinator, Sher Pollard, at to request an application and schedule your first visit (which includes a tour of the facility and orientation). Applications can also be picked up at HSSCG but you will still need to email Sher to shedule your first visit.

Court ordered community service is a separate volunteer program.  Please click here for additional information.

School-based community service is a separate volunteer program.  Please click here for additional information.


Primary programs: (Please click on each area for a job description).

Other programs:

  • Grooming – bathing dogs
  • Fostering  – If interested in fostering, please email Sher Pollard at to request more information as requirements are different
  • Lucky Dog retail store – (Tues-Saturdays, 12pm to 5pm, can volunteer for once a week or multiple days)
  • Off-site events
  1. Age – Volunteers must be 14 years and older.  Volunteers 14-16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent (blood relation) or legal guardian for orientation and while volunteering.
  2. Schedule – Volunteers are asked to try to schedule at least two days per month for a couple of hours between 9:30-4:30. We are looking for consistency so that animals are not overwhelmed on certain days of the week and ignored on other days.  For example, you can schedule yourself the third Thursday and the second Tuesday of each month. In addition to those scheduled days you can volunteer on any day(s)/time(s) that fits your schedule. More information will be given during the orientation process.
  3. Volunteer t-shirt – volunteers will be required to purchase a volunteer t-shirt  ($11 the first shirt and $7 additional shirts).
  4. Orientation – All volunteers must attend a general orientation and basic animal handling class before volunteering. Orientations are scheduled for once a month.

If you are interested in volunteering at HSSCG, the application process is detailed below.

  1. Please email the volunteer coordinator, Sher Pollard, at  She will contact you within 2 business days regarding your interest in volunteering.  A volunteer application will be sent to you by email.
  2. The volunteer coordinator will contact you regarding your volunteer application once it has been received in her office or emailed to her.  You will be invited to participate in the next monthly orientation and animal training session.  You will also be sent a volunteer manual prior to orientation.
  3. After attendance at orientation, you will be given an access code for Volgistics (to track your hours in our volunteer management database) and instructions for its use.

Orientation will last for 2 ½   hours beginning at 9:30.  Please be on time. The first hour is a general orientation about HSSCG including information about volunteer opportunities, rules, procedures, volunteers do’s and don’ts, staff positions, liability, and other policies.  After a short break, there will be animal training with our dog trainer and our cat kennel staff.  This training will be hands on training.  Please wear closed toe shoes and no dangling jewelry or necklaces.

At the end of orientation, you will have the opportunity to purchase your volunteer t- shirt.  You will also be given your own personal access code and shown how to log in to Volgistics to track your hours in our volunteer management system.