Choo Choo (Chico) and Bodger’s Happy Tail

Choo Choo was brought to HSSCG with his "brother" Bodger after his owner fell ill. We quickly discovered that Choo Choo, a 10+ year old senior, had a heart condition that would require him to be on medication for the rest of his life. Knowing this, we knew it would not be easy to find him a home. Well, we were wrong! Choo Choo not only found a new home, he found one with his brother Bodger. We are so happy for this pair! Dear HSSCG, My partner and I recently adopted Choo Choo and Bodger from you all and I wanted to share an update with you. Staci had called a couple weeks ago to check in on us. I finally got a few pictures collected. They are both going great. We are working on some behavior issues and blending the pack, but overall I would say it is going well. Choo Choo is now Chico. He is doing much better. We are an organic and holistic household. I started him on supplements right when we left. His pain from arthritis has drastically reduced and he is even running again! He zips up and down stairs and runs around the backyard as best he can and gets better daily. He really loves a fenced-in yard and spends hours out there. He is a good boy and I'm taking good care of him and we are getting his health on the upswing. Bodger is a sweet boy. We are working on the growling, but he is eager to please. I spend a lot of time in my garden and he loves being out there with me. They all loving using my plants as they personal restroom! Haha. It is a joy to have him around. We have had our hands full blending with our two chihuahuas we already have, but they are finally coming around and becoming a pack. I was only able to get one picture with all four. Pedro is the brindle and he is the leader of the pack. Marbles is the blue Merle. I laugh every day because we have raccoons who love to eat our bird seed and swim in the pool. No matter if one is in the backyard or not, when you open the back door Pedro goes full speed out the door running to the back of the fence to chase the raccoons. Now when I open the door Pedro runs out full speed with Bodger right behind him and Chico in full speed right behind bodger. Then they get to the fence and bark with Pedro. Every time. It's makes me heart full because Pedro has backup now. Here are a few pictures. Thank you all so much for our new family members. We love them very much and they are in the right house to get the best care possible and have a fun and fulfilling life. We spend a lot of time with them. Take care! Chad McClemens