Teddy’s Happy Tail

We adore seniors, but they are notoriously more difficult to adopt. Teddy was no exception. We transferred Teddy from an open admission shelter in South Carolina in August of 2016 with the hope that we could find him a new home to live out the rest of his life. We all loved his scruffy face, curly tail and quirky personality. One staff member, Staci, instantly fell in love. Teddy started spending most days at the front desk with her. Weeks went by and very few people showed any interest in adopting Teddy. He was potty trained, affectionate, and even wore hats. What's not to love!? After a few months of waiting, Teddy's perfect person came in and adopted him. We are glad to report he's doing well and LOVING life in his new home. He is truly living his "golden" years. "I told this boy, I cant' help falling in love with you and BINGO he has a new name to which he now answers too. ELVIS!!  Today Elvis went to the groomer and got all spiffed up. He was so excited to see me when I returned!! I felt the same as I was missing my traveling partner but not the smell.   He is looking good and loving life. He loves my brother too. He goes in Oct 10 for dental cleaning..I hate it that he will be put to sleep. One of the attached pictures we call the begging picture. He is sliding/combat crawl on the floor for the treat. He is just amazing and loves to be picked up and snuggled."